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The Anti Bike Theft Alliance (abta.info) has the sole objective to reduce Bike  theft in our community.

If we are successful we will share our learnings with other communities and inspire them to follow suit.

We feel that bike theft is an unnecessary nuissance. Over time it could be brought to a near-extinct status.

This project is % non-profit.

How can you help?

  • Register your bike with the Boulder Police and/or Project 529.
  • Do NOT use cable locks & tell your friends not to use them as well
  • Do not use locks with a key, not numbered locks
  • Report any theft with the police
  • Take photos of your bike
  • Purchase a solid U-lock for someone who can’t afford one

Friends don’t let friends use cable locks.



There is no 100% security for our bikes. If we give a thief enough time, privacy and the necessary tools then any bike can be stolen. But we can make it extremely hard for that to happen. Bike theft can be greatly reduced if we work together.

Many stolen bikes actually end up with the police at some point. They often can’t return those bikes since they can’t connect tihem their owners. Please register your serial number(s).

Our Videos

Don’t just take our word for it!

See what others have to say and how easy it is to break a cable lock or cheap chain or u-lock.

Besides the videos shown here you can find countless other ones that confirm that a high-security u-lock or chain are your best options to protect your bike from theft.

Due to the lower weight we prefer u-locks.This blog post tells you which ones we recommend and where to get them.


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